Gearzy is Data Driven

Empowering Individuals, Events and Brands with Intelligent Insight to take Action.


Intelligent Apps, Telemetry and Wearable Technologies that allow you to Collect, Analyze, Compare and Share your Performance Data!


A Dynamic Platform that Drives Engagement, Analyzes and Understands Social Conversation, in Real-Time for Trackable ROI and Enhanced Customer Experience.


An Advanced System that Manages and Displays Competition Data, Enhances the Fan Experience with Second Screen Capabilities, Tracks Sponsors ROI.


Sophisticated Social Tools that allow you to Drive the Call To Action. Track and Analyze Events, Sponsored Athletes, Products and Campaign reach all in Real-Time.

Our Services

Here is an overview of some of the things we can do for you.


  • Custom In-venue Experiences
  • Social Walls and Displays
  • Audience Engagement Strategys
  • Real-time Social Analytics


  • Second Screen and Social TV
  • Live Integration of Sports Data
  • Real-time Highlights to Social
  • Real-time Analytics to track ROI


  • Intelligent Social Tools
  • Real-time Social Analytics
  • Brand Ambassador Tracking
  • Real-time Campaign Monitoring

Our Products

Examples of our growing Product Line.

OUR Clients

Here is the small but growing list of clients that we are very pround to work with.

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